Our 3 way top box incorporates a Tri - Amped configuration. Offering the maximum control over the frequency bands. Clean and punchy kick bass via reflex technology with efficient projection via V loading with horn loaded mid and high sections.


Great output to cost ratio in a compact form factor. A simple and scale-able solution to sit on top of any sub bass bin.

Couples seamlessly with the USBv2.

Everything we supply is built to commission. We treat each and every speaker as a one off piece of work.

KMT Lite

£825 per unit with OPTIONS HORN COLOURS

// 700 / 250 / 30 watt AES 

// 4r [16r optional] / 8r / 8r

// 2x12" /  8" / 1"

// 90Hz > 350Hz > 20KHz

// 60H/90V dispersion

// WHD 500 x 805 x 595

// LF: 103dB MF: 104dB HF: 106dB 1w1m

// Charcoal Grey / Custom horn colours