Our 3 way top box incorporates a Tri - Amped configuration. Offering the maximum control over the frequency bands.


Highly efficient forward firing horns offer both HI-FI bass kick and crystal clear vocal clarity with outstanding projection.


A very high output speaker offering good coverage so versatile for both medium and large events. 

Featuring a neo loaded kick section, weight is kept under control.

Optional tilt boards available no request. 

Couples seamlessly with the USBv2.

Everything we supply is built to commission. We treat each and every speaker as a one off piece of work.


£1390 per unit (discount on 4+ unit orders)


// 1000 / 500 / 60 watt AES 

// 4r or 8r or 16r /4r or 16r / 8r

// 2x15" /  2x 8" / 1"

// 90Hz > 350Hz > 20KHz

// 60H/90V dispersion

// WHD 500 x 1055 x 750

// LF: 107dB MF: 105dB HF: 106dB 1w1m

// Charcoal Grey