new sys-Recovered

Neo Tek

Uterlising dual 10" horns this system reinvigerates the concept of the original dance stack.

Huge output from the mid horns coupled with a intimidating kick bass section.

Unlike all our other builds these bins are built from WBP plywood offering a lighter build over Birch plywood which is still durable. Resulting in a big foot print system which is easier to manage. 

                                            In stock and ready to ship!

£5995 - 12 cab speaker system. Brand New.

8x units 15" W Bin + 4x units 210 Tops (AIM)

// 45Hz - 180Hz
// 8r
// 600 watt AES
// 15" (Fane LF)
// HWD xxx xxx
// Charcoal Grey 


// 180Hz upwards
// 2 way active
// 4r/8r
// 600watt / 50watt AES
// 2x10" + 1"
// HWD xxx xxx
// Charcoal grey