Tapped System

£3255 - 6 cab speaker system

3x units 215 Tapped horn + 3x units 212 Tops

// 45Hz - 180Hz
// 4r
// 1200 watt AES
// 2x 15" (Fane LF)
// HWD xxx xxx
// Charcoal Grey

tapped system final
tapped 02
// 150Hz upwards
// 2 way active
// 4r/8r
// 400watt / 50watt AES
// 12" + 1"
// HWD xxx xxx
// Charcoal grey

A proof of concept system that has only been demo'd in the Stable Audio workshop.


The Bins are designed to play much higher than many equivelent cabinet concepts. Giving a more versatile cabinet in application.


Sealed dual 12" tops give a very high output while controlled in the mid range. With a very defined high frequency given by the 1" compression driver.


We can replicate these designs should you wish to expand the system now or at a later date.

                                                  In stock and ready to ship!